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Lark @ The Thrift Shop

The Depraved Nation Thrift Shop starts at Midnight! With discounts at 50% or more and gachas everywhere, you don’t want to miss this. You’ll see a mix of old and new from Lark. Let’s start with these new Hipster Embroidery gachas. Each embroidery hoop has double-sided fabric so you can hang it with the embroidery showing, or without as wall art.

Hipster Embroidery WordPress Ad

Hipster Embroidery

Next up are the Lark Moab Tanks in 5 prints and 2 solids. It comes in 5 sizes based around standard sizing—but with some wiggle room (so you can have fat larger than zero) and a larger chest than normal. It’s meant to fit loosely, so there is no alpha, but it does have an inside to the entire mesh. The front of the tank has a cutout design and a raise while the back hangs loose and low fastened by two buttons. Please note that it does not cover your entire chest, so a bandeau or tube top is necessary if you want to be modest. I love being able to layer it over favorite texture clothing that I don’t get to wear as often these days.

Moab Tank Ad2

You’ll also find the Lark Eva Bustiers, Shredded Tights and past Cozy Socks Gacha available at the Thrift Shop. See you there!


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