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Lark – Flux “Americana”

Flux is back and the first monthly theme is “Americana”, just in time for Independence Day. All I could think about was the road trips my family and I took across the US in the Summer when I was a kid. Seeing the entire Country left an impression on me and I always found State spoon collections sort of kitschy and fun, so I went ahead and created a set of collectible spoons as a gacha. Rather than make you go crazy trying to get all 50 States, I broke them up into sets of 5 by regions that you can see listed below on the gacha keys. Each set is “common” but I also created 3 sets of US landmarks and tourist attractions that are “rare”.  You will also find the newly released “Heart of America” headbands in silly prints with a free set of patriotic headbands to celebrate the 4th of July. See you at Flux!

Collectible Spoons Ad 1

Collectible Spoons Key 4

Collectible Spoons Key 1

Lark - Heart Headbands Ad2 - 2048x1024

Lark - Heart Headbands Ad1 - 2048x1024


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