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Lark – Dream Garden is now open!

Looking for a PG sales event? Dream Garden is the perfect place with no adult or mature content. The first round just started and you’ll find all items are new and exclusive while at the event. Not only that, but everything is marked down between 50-150L while there so you get everything for a steal. With 12 stores each round (take a peek at the other stores on flickr), you’re bound to find something you love. My offerings for this event are created to coordinate with the previously released “Sweet Dreams Mobile” and are marked down 50%. The “Sweet Dreams Framed Artwork” includes 6 mat colors and 6 different prints for you to choose from. Mix and match and coordinate as you like. The “Sweet Dreams Panda Lamp” is a kawaii plastic version of the printed panda, and turns on and off by a simple touch. See you at Dream Garden!

Sweet Dreams - Panda Lamp - Ad2

Sweet Dreams - Framed Artowrk - Ad2



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