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Lark at Reef’s Colors Fair

The first edition of Reef’s Colors Fair is now open! Inspired by the sea and all colors in sealife, I’ve created 3 color sets of furniture. The Urchin Chair includes 5 animated sits and coordinates with the Anemone Rugs (in deeper hues) and the Sealife Framed Art sets with matching matting. I’ve also created 3 Jellyfish lights with a whimsical spin of lace as tentacles. These lamps emit a soft light and turn on and off by a simple touch. So that no one leaves empty handed, the fair has a small bazaar area with items from each store ranging in price from L$0 – L$15. Lark’s bazaar offerings are 3 art prints in different matting colors to match the other full sets available at the event. See you at Reef’s Colors Fair!

Lark - Urchin Chair - Ad1 1024X512

Lark - Anemone Rug - Ad1 1024X512

Lark - Sealife Framed Art - Ad1 1024X512

Lark - Jellyfish Light - Ad1 1024x1024

Lark - Sealife Framed Art Bazaar - Ad1


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