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Lark – Imaginarium Librarium

Coming September 1st to Arcade: Imaginarium Librarium, a whimsical take on books that can be used as decor or for RP props. 7 book sets and 5 bookcases (some in HP colors by the way). 2 rares available. Click on photos for a close-up view ❤

Lark - Arcade Key - Imaginarium Librarium

Lark - Arcade - Gacha1

Lark - Arcade - Gacha3

Lark - Arcade - Gacha6

Lark - Arcade - Gacha4

Lark - Arcade - Gacha5

Lark - Arcade - Gacha7

Lark - Arcade - Gacha8

Mariner: 2 LI
Treasures: 4LI
Windows: 3LI
Secret: 1LI
Butterfly: 3LI
Roots: 4LI
Poetry: 2LI
Libraries: 11 (includes a 1 LI foot ladder)

*Many of the images used in the creation of these books were sourced under a creative commons attribution license.
Because the list is extensive, images sourced will be posted here as a reference over the next several days.


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