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California, I’m comin’ home.

I’m a sucker for anything travel related or vintage. I think I lost my breath when I saw the Tres Blah Arcade Gacha key….I coveted literally everything. I know in the last Arcade round everyone lost their mind trying to collect her full set, and I admired it also, but this set is more my speed. I love everything about it. It makes me think of a lost era, slower times, vacations past, snapshots and memories. The anticipation for the one year anniversary of Arcade is building and I know we all can’t wait for it to start on Sept. 1st. While you’re waiting to get in (because you know you won’t on your first try) there is another gacha you should visit. Petite Bowtique will have a set of adorable sneakers sized for kids and adults at the Woodlands Treasures Gacha Festival, Sept. 1st as well. I chose to wear the Rose Blue set because I thought they were a perfect match to the Tres Blah suitcase. Honestly, there are so many cute prints that you can’t go wrong, and several are for boys as well. Get ready, gacha fever is about to hit.


{Petite Bowtique} Sneaker Gacha Grid


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