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Lark – Candy Fair – Candy Buckets

Lark is one of 15 sponsors for Candy Fair, October 4 – 18th: An event created for the love of Candy & Sugar! You’ll find creations from amazing brands that feature candy and candy colors in everything from clothes, jewelry, skins and makeup to furniture, home decor and poses. If you’re ready to jump right into Halloween, stop by the first booth after landing at Sim #1. Candy filled buckets with ghoulish (and cute!) faces sit ready to accompany you Trick or Treating. Each bucket comes with one simple hold. 6 custom poses created by Elephante Poses for each bucket will be available for separate purchase at the event in my booth (and theirs). Buckets can also be rezzed for decoration and both rezzable and wearable versions are included in each pack. There might even be a Halloween freebie in my booth…

Can’t wait for it to start? Not only is Seraphim partnering with and posting the exclusives available at Candy Fair, but you’ll be able to view designers offerings in the Candy Fair flickr group here. If you want to go directly to a store at Candy Fair, Gwinny LeShelle was kind enough to post a map and slurls here.

See you at Candy Fair!

Candy Bucket Zombie - Ad1

Candy Bucket Pumpkin - Ad1

Candy Bucket Skeleton - Ad1

Candy Bucket Cat - Ad1

EP - Candy Bucket Poses



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