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Wizarding Faire is ending

Hurry over to Wizarding Faire before it’s gone, there are amazing things around every turn. Lark and Ohmai Emporium partnered to bring you Free Elves and Towering Tomes. Anya Ohmai created amazing elves that you can wear as an avatar or attach an elf to follow you around. I’ve created 3 stacks of books that you can wear as a human avatar or rez for a prop/decor. The 3 areas of study are: Charms, Divinations and Care of Magical Creatures – which you can see on display at Wizarding Faire. Together, Anya and I collaborated to bring you an Elf Accessory pack. Each pack comes with a different stack of books and a slip for your elf avatar to wear. Get them before it’s too late! Taxi.


Photo by Anya Ohmai



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