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Lark – Collabor88

I am woefully behind on updates, my apologies! Now, on to the latest releases. I’m thrilled to be a guest this month at Collabor88, the Crawford set with vintage flair and stories from a bygone era gives a nod to romantic nostalgia. The set is sold in 4 parts so you can grab it all or just one piece.

1.) Dressing Table: 2LI, Stool: 1LI (2 animations – 1 sitting and 1 primping in front of the mirror)
2.) Mirror: 2LI
3.) Wall Hook & Slip: 1LI (can unlink)
4.) Hat Boxes: 1LI, Glove Box: 1LI

Lark - Crawford - Ad 1 2800x2800

Collabor88 Teaser 1

Collabor88 Teaser 2

Collabor88 Teaser 3

Collabor88 Teaser 4


One thought on “Lark – Collabor88

  1. Your loved this creation but did not find more.
    There is also the possibility to buy it? Where?
    I look in, I thank
    Ada Cisse

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