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Lark at The Home Show

Newly released at The Home Show: 2 decks, meditation cushions, yoga rugs, lamps and painted wood circles to create the perfect atmosphere for a zen desert retreat.

Home Show - Ad1 - 2048x2048

Home Show - Ad2 - 2048x2048
The Desert Retreat Decks come in two styles, painted and natural. You can unlink this deck to use the glass/mirror as a separate decor piece. (3LI linked)

Desert Retreat Deck - Painted - Ad1 - 2048x2048

Desert Retreat Deck - Natural - Ad1 - 2048x2048

Next are the Wood Circles. 5 are included in the set and are reversible so you can choose to show painted or natural wood. Mix and match for a unique look. Also available and not shown in the ad is a sixth wood circle for the cheapie price of only L$10 at The Home Show. This piece will not be available once The Home Show ends. (1LI each)

Wood Circles - Ad1 - 2048x2048

The Inara lamps are a previous release but a new color has been added. Welcome “Sun”. These lamps work perfectly hung from the top of the Desert Retreat Deck when scaled down. These were sold as a 3 piece set previously, they are being offered for sale individually at The Home Show. (3LI)

Inara Lamp - Ad1 - 2048x2048

The Desert Retreat Cushions come in a fatpack at a very reasonable price and are sold individually as well. Each cushion comes with 1 casual pose animation, 1 meditation animation and 4 yoga poses. I imagine these cushions to be used creatively as well, as the base to a bohemian table or stacked in a corner for pops of color. (1LI)

Desert Retreat Cushions - Fatpack - Ad1 - 2048x2048

The Desert Yoga Rugs have no animations or poses, but can be used to create an overall Southwestern / Bohemian feel.
Two multi-colors are included. (3LI)

Desert Yoga Rug - Ad1 - 2048x2048

See you at The Home Show!


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