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Lark @ ROMP

Have you heard about ROMP yet? What is ROMP? Read more here about this event celebrating elegant kink.



Lark for ROMP

Lark for ROMP

Lark for ROMP

Lark for ROMP

Lark for ROMP


New Amaurotic Masks.

5 styles available in black and brown primarily, but there is also a lace option on one style: Egyptian Canine, Feline, Hare, Stag and Bird. Each mask/hood includes a male and female version, sized to the XXS standard face so you can enlarge it to fit all sizes. Unrigged & Mod so you can resize – stretch to fit hair if necessary. No resize script is added but if you prefer this option, I can provide it upon purchase.

Visual differences: The female version includes a long, tied bow on the back. The male version has a simple leather strap and a slightly larger area for the nose. Both should be usable unisex with slight modifications. Follow through on all photos to see examples.

Texturing: The black versions feature a smooth back helmet area, the brown versions have a rougher/beaten up look.Flat or very straight hair works best with these hoods. A hair that worked perfectly was “ONE” by Herve Faenzo, released at last years Hair Fair.


Lark for ROMP

Lark for ROMP


To see more of the offerings, visit the ROMP flickr pool.   ***Please keep in mind that images may not be PG or suitable to view at work as this is an adult event.


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