Lark @ Dreamers Factory

Lark @ Dreamers Factory

Once upon a time, there was a mysterious factory up above the cloud, right under the stars and moon. Supposedly said that there are angels who design sweet dreams for dreamers of the SLgrid. Once in a while, those angels came down to spread the dream dusts to people’s bed and pillows so that they can have a nice dream experience. Some say, that the dreams can come true to a special someone. There is no other way to find out than to dream with us! So, Let’s Dream!

Lark @ Dreamers Factory

Lark @ Dreamers Factory

The Dreamers Necklace comes in 6 styles and is available now at the very first round of Dreamers Factory.

This long necklace is a miniature dream diary, bubble wand and fragrance sachet all in one. Each offers a different color combination and scent. Lavender • Chamomile • Lemon Balm • Passion Flower • Valerian Root • Dream Dust. Resize scripted.

The Dreamers Factory


Lark @ ROMP

Have you heard about ROMP yet? What is ROMP? Read more here about this event celebrating elegant kink.



Lark for ROMP

Lark for ROMP

Lark for ROMP

Lark for ROMP

Lark for ROMP


New Amaurotic Masks.

5 styles available in black and brown primarily, but there is also a lace option on one style: Egyptian Canine, Feline, Hare, Stag and Bird. Each mask/hood includes a male and female version, sized to the XXS standard face so you can enlarge it to fit all sizes. Unrigged & Mod so you can resize – stretch to fit hair if necessary. No resize script is added but if you prefer this option, I can provide it upon purchase.

Visual differences: The female version includes a long, tied bow on the back. The male version has a simple leather strap and a slightly larger area for the nose. Both should be usable unisex with slight modifications. Follow through on all photos to see examples.

Texturing: The black versions feature a smooth back helmet area, the brown versions have a rougher/beaten up look.Flat or very straight hair works best with these hoods. A hair that worked perfectly was “ONE” by Herve Faenzo, released at last years Hair Fair.


Lark for ROMP

Lark for ROMP


To see more of the offerings, visit the ROMP flickr pool.   ***Please keep in mind that images may not be PG or suitable to view at work as this is an adult event.

Lark for Enchantment

Enchantment - Ad2

Lark’s in-store release for Enchantment is a set of rigged briar rose vines that wrap around the upper and lower arms. They include 5 standard sizes and a demo is available. You can wear both arm wraps at the same time, or one at a time as they are rigged separately.

Enchantment - Ad3

The stamp card prize is a coordinating briar rose vine mask. Two versions are included, one with a resize script and one without. It is unrigged so you can adjust it to fit various hairstyles or even possibly tilt it and wear it as a crown.

Enchantment - Ad1

Enchantment is a quarterly event, that focuses on a different fairy tale each round.  This round focuses on Sleeping Beauty.

20 stores participate and each store will have special releases inspired by Sleeping Beauty in their shop for sale.  Each item will also include a stamp card.  (be sure to look for the specially marked vendors though as not everything in their stores will have one!)

You take this stamp card and wear it (or 15 if you so like, it’s fun tping around seeing others wearing a bunch of stamp cards too!)  You will then proceed to ALL participating stores (20) and touch their stamp machine to receive the store’s stamp.  (this is free!)  Once your stamp card (s) is full, you can then proceed to the prize location and redeem one card for ANY prize of your choosing!  (be sure you have removed all but one card when doing this! otherwise you will void all the other cards at the same time and we are not responsible for this error.)

All 20 stores have created a special prize just for this event, and they will never be released or sold again!

One of the perks of these stamp cards is that they are transferable!  This means you are able to gift friends or even alts with a full (or empty if you want them to work a bit for their pressie) card which they in turn can redeem for any prize!


Previews of items can be seen in the Enchantment flickr group.

Participating designers:

The Annex
anc Ltd.
Mina Hair
!bang poses 
Violent Seduction

Coming soon to Enchantment

The upcoming round of “Enchantment: Sleeping Beauty” begins May 1st and runs through the entire month. If you’re not familiar with Enchantment it’s an event that happens every 3 months and focuses on one of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Offering exclusive prizes this round and creations inspired by both dreams and nightmares, you’ll be sure to find something you love. I’m sharing a preview of the exclusive prize Lark will be offering, the Briar Dreaming Mask. More previews of Lark’s Enchantment items will be shown here soon, so keep an eye out!

Enchantment - Ad1


Valerie Dress now at Collabor88 – April: Watercolors in Bloom

Brighten up your wardrobe with colorful Spring patterns and flowering blooms. Available in 10 prints, this sleeveless top and high-waisted skirt can be worn separately. Mix and match or pair with other favorite pieces in your wardrobe. Demo available at C88.

Lark - Valerie Dress - Ad1

Lark - Valerie Dress - Ad2

Lark - Valerie Dress - Ad3