Chaise Musicale for Atelier Kreslo

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A collaboration between Ma Vie and Lark – 5 deconstructed chairs created for Atelier Kreslo Presents. Each chair has ripped seams, sewn patches (front & back), hanging threads, 10 unique sits and a history to discover. See them on display now! 9 LI each, copy/mod.

*Click for larger views.

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Lark for Atelier Kreslo Cupcake Festival

Atelier Kreslo’s Cupcake Festival opens today at noon. Creators were given cupcake kits that they could expand upon and run free with creatively. Be sure to swing by and see how each translated their ideas with tasty cupcakes as their inspiration. With so much variety, you’re sure to find something you love! Keep in mind that these cupcakes are exclusive to the event and will not be available after it closes.

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