Lark @ C88 – Safari Chic

I’m a bit behind on my store updates here, my apologies!

Lark @ C88

Lark @ C88


Safari Chic is in full swing at Collabor88 and Lark is offering these rugged chairs in 6 colors: Suede, Giraffe, Linen, Olive Linen, Charcoal Linen & Leather. These chairs sit low to the ground, have a deep profile and an aged look. 5 sits and detachable shadow. Mod/Copy. 5LI. L$88 each.


Lark at Collabor88

A new round of C88 has started and the theme is 1950’s – Milkshakes & Turntables.

C88 Ad1 - 2048

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Lark is offering a set of jumpers and vintage picnic tins.  The Regina Jumper comes in 10 prints, 5 solid & 5 polka dot with various embroidered pocket styles. These jumpers are in standard sizing and a demo is available. The vintage picnic tins come in 5 colors and include 2 tins in each set, one with cherries printed on the front. Each are wearable with a hand hold or can be rezzed for decor at 4LI. Both the rompers and the picnic tins are only L$88!




Valerie Dress now at Collabor88 – April: Watercolors in Bloom

Brighten up your wardrobe with colorful Spring patterns and flowering blooms. Available in 10 prints, this sleeveless top and high-waisted skirt can be worn separately. Mix and match or pair with other favorite pieces in your wardrobe. Demo available at C88.

Lark - Valerie Dress - Ad1

Lark - Valerie Dress - Ad2

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Lark @ Collabor88

Collabor88 is in full swing and the theme this month is “Back to Business”.

New for this event is the Morning Routine entryway table, coin valet, phone caddy and key chain. Everything a hard working avatar needs to start their day.

Each color set includes 4 pieces for L$188: Entryway Table (1LI), Phone Caddy (5LI), Coin Valet (1LI), Keychain (1LI). 8LI Total. Each piece is separate and can be moved. C/M/NT.

Lark - Morning Routine - Ad1

Lark – Collabor88

I am woefully behind on updates, my apologies! Now, on to the latest releases. I’m thrilled to be a guest this month at Collabor88, the Crawford set with vintage flair and stories from a bygone era gives a nod to romantic nostalgia. The set is sold in 4 parts so you can grab it all or just one piece.

1.) Dressing Table: 2LI, Stool: 1LI (2 animations – 1 sitting and 1 primping in front of the mirror)
2.) Mirror: 2LI
3.) Wall Hook & Slip: 1LI (can unlink)
4.) Hat Boxes: 1LI, Glove Box: 1LI

Lark - Crawford - Ad 1 2800x2800

Collabor88 Teaser 1

Collabor88 Teaser 2

Collabor88 Teaser 3

Collabor88 Teaser 4