Lark @ Arcade

Lark - Coming to Arcade June 1st

Magnets galore!!!! 10 prizes, 1 rare. Each set of magnets come with a mini-polar fridge, the color of which is shown next to each set. Magnets are linked to the fridge but can be unlinked and moved around individually. Mix and match sets or place them on your home refrigerator. There have been some great kitchens released lately!

Lark Magnets @ Arcade

Bottlecap Beer Magnets (comes w/espresso colored mini-polar fridge)

Bottlecap Map Magnets (comes w/blue colored mini-polar fridge)

Word Magnets (comes w/white colored mini-polar fridge)

The only set that isn’t able to be moved around is the white/word set. To keep land impact low but provide some fun, they are in two linked pieces that include full-perm word textures. You can edit the words and upload them to say whatever you like. The rare prize is a pink mini-polar fridge with clothespin magnets washi taped. Three of the clothespins hold photos you can add your own snapshots to. I hope you like this set, I had a lot of fun making it and wanted to give all of you some items to make your houses homes.

Lark Magnets @ Arcade

Arcade opens at midnight June 1st, see you there!


Lark – Imaginarium Librarium

Coming September 1st to Arcade: Imaginarium Librarium, a whimsical take on books that can be used as decor or for RP props. 7 book sets and 5 bookcases (some in HP colors by the way). 2 rares available. Click on photos for a close-up view ❤

Lark - Arcade Key - Imaginarium Librarium

Lark - Arcade - Gacha1

Lark - Arcade - Gacha3

Lark - Arcade - Gacha6

Lark - Arcade - Gacha4

Lark - Arcade - Gacha5

Lark - Arcade - Gacha7

Lark - Arcade - Gacha8

Mariner: 2 LI
Treasures: 4LI
Windows: 3LI
Secret: 1LI
Butterfly: 3LI
Roots: 4LI
Poetry: 2LI
Libraries: 11 (includes a 1 LI foot ladder)

*Many of the images used in the creation of these books were sourced under a creative commons attribution license.
Because the list is extensive, images sourced will be posted here as a reference over the next several days.

Lark – New Display Shelf

A kid friendly shelf for displaying treasured items. Use it for Arcade gacha collections or anything else you can imagine. With 3 texture change areas (shelves, exterior & background) the color combinations are endless. Match any room and style.

Available at an introductory rate for a limited time only at The Retreat.

Display Shelf - Ad1

Lark – Flux “Americana”

Flux is back and the first monthly theme is “Americana”, just in time for Independence Day. All I could think about was the road trips my family and I took across the US in the Summer when I was a kid. Seeing the entire Country left an impression on me and I always found State spoon collections sort of kitschy and fun, so I went ahead and created a set of collectible spoons as a gacha. Rather than make you go crazy trying to get all 50 States, I broke them up into sets of 5 by regions that you can see listed below on the gacha keys. Each set is “common” but I also created 3 sets of US landmarks and tourist attractions that are “rare”.  You will also find the newly released “Heart of America” headbands in silly prints with a free set of patriotic headbands to celebrate the 4th of July. See you at Flux!

Collectible Spoons Ad 1

Collectible Spoons Key 4

Collectible Spoons Key 1

Lark - Heart Headbands Ad2 - 2048x1024

Lark - Heart Headbands Ad1 - 2048x1024

Summer and The Kollective

Summer is here and so is the first cycle of The Kollective which launches tomorrow. If you’re not familiar with The Kollective, it’s a new shopping event that pairs a designer and blogger to create a new and exclusive design. I was matched with Chiana Oh and created skirts that exude her bright and friendly personality, using her favorite colors in the skirt fabrics: blue, yellow and orange. Definitely swing by tomorrow to see the other pieces created by each designer-blogger collaboration. My favorite item at the event is a dramatic hair by The Stringer Mausoleum that could be used in so many amazing photos, I can’t wait to get it myself. See you tomorrow!


Chiana Skirt Vendor Picture

Chiana Skirt Ad Yellow

Chiana Skirt Ad Orange

Chiana Skirt Ad Blue


Skin: -tb- Gatcha Skin: Valentine  (LS, dark brow) (Past Seasons Hunt Gatcha item)

Hair: (fd) Saturday – Brunette 4

Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (October Morning)

Hat: :pesca:boater straw hat/navy dot (@ Mes Brics A Bracs – Going on now!)

Shirt: .:Damned Dolls – Knotted Shirt (Endless Summer Hunt by Depraved Nation – Going on now!)

Tank: =Razorblade Jacket= Criss Cross Tank /// Brick

Skirt: Lark – Chiana Skirt – Blue (@ The Kollective tomorrow!)

Camera: Tee*fy Vintage Brownie Camera Neck Portal (past gatcha item)

Bag: Tee*fy Mini Crossbody Bag Old fashion (past gatcha item)

Lark – Cozy Socks updated with SLINK Avatar Enhancement for Barefeet

I’ve just updated the Cozy Socks to include SLINK Avatar Enhancement for mesh Medium and Natural Barefeet. If you’ve purchased the Cozy Socks Fatpack or played the gacha at any point and wear SLINK, this update is for you! It will allow you to wear the Cozy Socks with SLINK compatible shoes by using the HUD I’ve created and turning stockings on. Please visit the Lark Mainstore to pick up the add-on package.  You will find it underneath the Cozy Sock vendor for free. *Shoes not included (sold by Boom!)

Lark - Cozy Socks - Fatpack Ad - SLINKLark - Cozy Socks - Ad - SLINK


Summer is near and it makes me think fondly of a time when I was living in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Though bikinis, sunscreen and beach volleyball come to mind, I cannot forget a woman I once observed walking along the water in a long colorful dress. She seemed so at peace and content, strolling at a slow pace with her umbrella as shade and the wind blowing through her hair. Sometimes I wonder about her and think I should have snapped a photo to paint at a later date. Luckily I still have the image in my mind and whenever I think of Summer, oddly I think of this.

Hair: TRUTH – Candy – browns 03
Skin: Glam Affair – Cleo – America – 10
Eyelids: Slink Mesh Lids & Lashes
Dress: {Capacious} Kiki Dress – Lollipop w/Tango applier @ The Thrift Shop
Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Casual
Necklace: Lark – Coin Purse Necklace (2) – Gacha @ Sounds Gravis Beach
Umbrella: *{what next} Rainy Day Pose Props
Location: Worlds End Garden
Deviant Art Credits