Lark @ Dreamers Factory

Lark @ Dreamers Factory

Once upon a time, there was a mysterious factory up above the cloud, right under the stars and moon. Supposedly said that there are angels who design sweet dreams for dreamers of the SLgrid. Once in a while, those angels came down to spread the dream dusts to people’s bed and pillows so that they can have a nice dream experience. Some say, that the dreams can come true to a special someone. There is no other way to find out than to dream with us! So, Let’s Dream!

Lark @ Dreamers Factory

Lark @ Dreamers Factory

The Dreamers Necklace comes in 6 styles and is available now at the very first round of Dreamers Factory.

This long necklace is a miniature dream diary, bubble wand and fragrance sachet all in one. Each offers a different color combination and scent. Lavender • Chamomile • Lemon Balm • Passion Flower • Valerian Root • Dream Dust. Resize scripted.

The Dreamers Factory



Lark – The Knitting Circle Hunt – InWorldz

The Knitting Circle kicked off their first hunt in InWorldz yesterday and the offerings are fantastic. Participating creators have placed a box somewhere inside or around their store with an image of the gift inside on top. Definitely log in to grab all of the goodies and stroll around. If you are in SL and have never explored InWorldz now is the perfect time to download their mesh beta viewer. You can create an avatar with the exact same name as your SL avatar and even easily transfer your linden to their currency, iz. Lark is offering this brand new necklace with turquoise stones and hammered metal, hope to see you there!

Lark - Anasazi Necklace - Ad2