Lark @ Arcade

Lark - Coming to Arcade June 1st

Magnets galore!!!! 10 prizes, 1 rare. Each set of magnets come with a mini-polar fridge, the color of which is shown next to each set. Magnets are linked to the fridge but can be unlinked and moved around individually. Mix and match sets or place them on your home refrigerator. There have been some great kitchens released lately!

Lark Magnets @ Arcade

Bottlecap Beer Magnets (comes w/espresso colored mini-polar fridge)

Bottlecap Map Magnets (comes w/blue colored mini-polar fridge)

Word Magnets (comes w/white colored mini-polar fridge)

The only set that isn’t able to be moved around is the white/word set. To keep land impact low but provide some fun, they are in two linked pieces that include full-perm word textures. You can edit the words and upload them to say whatever you like. The rare prize is a pink mini-polar fridge with clothespin magnets washi taped. Three of the clothespins hold photos you can add your own snapshots to. I hope you like this set, I had a lot of fun making it and wanted to give all of you some items to make your houses homes.

Lark Magnets @ Arcade

Arcade opens at midnight June 1st, see you there!


Lark at Collabor88

A new round of C88 has started and the theme is 1950’s – Milkshakes & Turntables.

C88 Ad1 - 2048

C88 Ad2

Lark is offering a set of jumpers and vintage picnic tins.  The Regina Jumper comes in 10 prints, 5 solid & 5 polka dot with various embroidered pocket styles. These jumpers are in standard sizing and a demo is available. The vintage picnic tins come in 5 colors and include 2 tins in each set, one with cherries printed on the front. Each are wearable with a hand hold or can be rezzed for decor at 4LI. Both the rompers and the picnic tins are only L$88!




Lark – Haran Console

New for The Neighbourhood, the Lark Haran Console. A bohemian inspired wooden piece with chipped paint, worn edges and stories to tell. Pillows and blankets are piled on the bottom shelf to keep you cozy on cold, Fall nights. This piece will be available at an introductory price of 200L at the Lark Mainstore for 24 hours, starting at midnight and ending at 11:59PM Saturday, September 21st.

Lark - Haran Console - Ad1 2048x1024


California, I’m comin’ home.

I’m a sucker for anything travel related or vintage. I think I lost my breath when I saw the Tres Blah Arcade Gacha key….I coveted literally everything. I know in the last Arcade round everyone lost their mind trying to collect her full set, and I admired it also, but this set is more my speed. I love everything about it. It makes me think of a lost era, slower times, vacations past, snapshots and memories. The anticipation for the one year anniversary of Arcade is building and I know we all can’t wait for it to start on Sept. 1st. While you’re waiting to get in (because you know you won’t on your first try) there is another gacha you should visit. Petite Bowtique will have a set of adorable sneakers sized for kids and adults at the Woodlands Treasures Gacha Festival, Sept. 1st as well. I chose to wear the Rose Blue set because I thought they were a perfect match to the Tres Blah suitcase. Honestly, there are so many cute prints that you can’t go wrong, and several are for boys as well. Get ready, gacha fever is about to hit.


{Petite Bowtique} Sneaker Gacha Grid

Lark – Imaginarium Librarium

Coming September 1st to Arcade: Imaginarium Librarium, a whimsical take on books that can be used as decor or for RP props. 7 book sets and 5 bookcases (some in HP colors by the way). 2 rares available. Click on photos for a close-up view ❤

Lark - Arcade Key - Imaginarium Librarium

Lark - Arcade - Gacha1

Lark - Arcade - Gacha3

Lark - Arcade - Gacha6

Lark - Arcade - Gacha4

Lark - Arcade - Gacha5

Lark - Arcade - Gacha7

Lark - Arcade - Gacha8

Mariner: 2 LI
Treasures: 4LI
Windows: 3LI
Secret: 1LI
Butterfly: 3LI
Roots: 4LI
Poetry: 2LI
Libraries: 11 (includes a 1 LI foot ladder)

*Many of the images used in the creation of these books were sourced under a creative commons attribution license.
Because the list is extensive, images sourced will be posted here as a reference over the next several days.

Lark – The Neighbourhood

The fourth round of the Neighbourhood starts Saturday at midnight.

If you’re not familiar with the Neighbourhood, definitely check it out. Every Saturday, a select group of home and garden designers will participate once a month as part of a rotation, and will put out a new item at the front of their mainstore. Items will be new, or a new and exclusive recolour of an existing item, and will be priced at 200L for 24 hours, with that round ending the same night at 11:59PM. Lark’s offering is a cute little dessert table with a texture change top in 4 worn colors and 1 natural wood. See you Saturday!

Lark - Dessert Table - Ad1